Does Your Business Need Physical Security Services?

If you own a business or property, you might wonder if you should add physical security measures to protect your assets. Assessing your needs for a security guard or a physical security company involves:

  • Focusing on understanding your specific security requirements.

  • Identifying potential risks.

  • Consider the unique characteristics of your property or business.

Here's a guide to help you start this process:

Assess Your Security Needs

Identify Your Goals
Begin by defining your security objectives. What are you trying to protect, and from what risks? Common goals include safeguarding people, property, assets, and information. While property and assets are costly to replace or repair, people can not be replaced, so keep that in mind before moving on to your risk assessment exercise.

Risk Assessment
Conduct a thorough risk assessment. Identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and any weaknesses in your current security measures. Consider factors like location, industry, and any historical security incidents.

Here’s one exercise to try to help you determine your level of risk:

Step 1 - List all the factors you can think of that affect physical security in your business. Refer to the list above (threat level, location(s), past incidents, etc).

Step 2 - Assign each line item a value of 1-10, 1 being safe/no threat and 10 being colossal risk. If you are unsure, go down the scenario of “if my property was damaged tomorrow, what might happen, and what might the costs be?

Step 3 - Add up your score and see what you get. The higher the number, the faster you must get a plan in place to mitigate potential liabilities and negative outcomes.

Compliance Requirements
Are there any compliance standards or regulatory reporting your business must adhere to? What about your property or location? Compliance may impact the type of security services you require and your needs for implementation. Executive Security Services can help you develop a customized security plan to meet the criteria and give you peace of mind.

Security Priorities
Prioritize your security needs. Decide what security aspects are critical for your organization, such as physical security, cybersecurity, access control, or surveillance.

Budgetary Considerations
When you have a clear plan and your physical security priorities are in place, it’s time to return to the spreadsheet again. Get clear about costs and budget for your needs and any regulatory requirements. It's essential to strike a balance between the level of security you need and the available resources. ESSI can work with you to maximize your security and offer suggestions for the best action.

Industry Collaborations
Do you need access to law enforcement or emergency services? Executive Security Services can help you with that collaboration or provide on-site action in an emergency. Do you need to consider other security needs, such as data or cybersecurity? ESSI welcomes cooperation with other organizations so that you benefit from the safest environment possible. Knowing this can help you ask the right questions when interviewing security firms. We also have a resource on what to ask security professionals when interviewing them.

Let Executive Security Services Help With Your Physical Security Needs

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed at this point, that’s understandable. Luckily, Executive Security has a process to help you understand all the aspects of physical security and make it easy to implement. Our job is to protect what matters most, starting with contacting us.

We’ll provide a free site assessment and security recommendations based on your industry and location. Then, we deliver our proposal to you for our services. We do not lock you into a term or contract (though we do need 30 days' notice), and we can customize your plan!

Benefits of Being an Executive Security Services Customer

Site-Specific Team Training

After our team is assigned to your location, we initiate comprehensive, site-specific training tailored to your unique requirements. Our training is adapted based on your site's specific characteristics and needs. We ensure that each guard receives thorough training, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their responsibilities at your location.

Account Managers

Every location under our protection is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who oversees all the security personnel stationed there. This manager is the primary liaison between our clients, the guards, and our company, facilitating seamless communication, overseeing training, and providing the latest updates and information to the security team.

Active Communication

We believe in maintaining an active presence at our sites. Our team conducts weekly check-ins to monitor progress and address any needs. In addition, we schedule regular monthly meetings with our clients, or as often as needed, to ensure our service quality remains top-notch.

Field Supervisors

Our Field Supervisors conduct regular checks at all our sites day and night. They ensure our security teams are fully equipped and prepared to perform their duties. For quality assurance, we also conduct surprise inspections at various times, including overnight, to maintain our high service standards.

There’s a reason we are the premier Pacific Northwest based private security firm.

Whether you need widespread security coverage across multiple locations or are looking to deter shoplifters at your high-end retail store more effectively, you can rely on our team of experts to deliver top-quality service with discernment and professionalism.

Contact us today for a quote on your security needs or to speak to an Account Manager for more information.