Budgeting for Security Services in 2024

As budget season is underway, there are things you may be looking at adding to your budget, such as property updates, replacing security systems, or physical security services. When budgeting for security services, a big determining factor is the number of guards you need and for how many hours. For some clients, this may be 24/7 simply due to the nature of their operation, but other places elect for overnight security, which is maybe just 8-12 hours.

If your budget is tight, but you need overnight security, you may be tempted to ask about shorter overnight shifts. However, these are actually hardest to staff, and they come with their own price tag when it comes to training and turnover. Many clients don’t realize that the best course of action is actually to invest in a longer shift of coverage, which will result in less time and money spent on training, and is a win for everyone involved.

Reach Out to Executive Security Services for a Quote

The process of getting a quote is easy. We are available on any number of platforms but contacting us through our info page on our website is best (link). Executive Security Services will follow up to your inquiry with a list of questions that may not have been answered in the initial email, in order to provide you with the most accurate quote. Some people have never had security before and don't necessarily know what they want or need, which is understandable! Executive Security Services makes this easy for you by performing an on-site visit. We can come out to do a free survey of your property or site and provide you with some recommendations for security coverage.

General Security Questions to Answer For an Accurate Quote

  1. How many guards do you think you may need for your ideal security program?

  2. What are the hours of the day or night will you need for physical security?

  3. Would you prefer your guards to be in uniforms or plain clothes?

  4. Are you looking to replace your current security vendor? Will there be a specific start date in mind?

  5. Are you interested in adding value to your current security program? We have a Concierge Security offering that may fit your needs.

The Process of Working with Executive Security Services

Step 1 - Contact:

It starts with you contacting us - either on our Contact Us page or through some other platform we are on. We are on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Step 2 - Free Site Assessment:

We provide you with a free site assessment (if you don’t know what you want/need and would like some security options)

Step 3 - Proposal:

We give you a proposal for our security services. Once you agree, we then draft a Security Service Agreement. We do not lock you into a specific term or contract and are flexible with changes or updates as needed. (We require a 30-day notice for the discontinuation of services).

Step 4 - Training:

Once our team is placed at the site, we conduct site-specific training and anything you want us to train on for their location. Training can vary depending on the site, but we ensure that each guard has the knowledge and training to perform their duties adequately.

Step 5 - Communication:

Each site is assigned an Security Account Manager who is responsible for all guards assigned to the site. The account manager will work with the client and the guards and will be the conduit for communication, training, and any updates the security team needs to know about. We like to check in at our sites weekly to see how things are going, and we offer our clients our time whenever they need us. Typically, we meet with clients every month and as necessary to ensure the quality of our services.

We also have dedicated Field Supervisors on duty 24/7 who regularly check on all our sites throughout the day and night to ensure our security team has everything they need to perform. To ensure quality control, we also conduct unannounced checks on our sites, especially overnight.

Contact us today for a quote on your service needs or to speak to an account manager for more information on budgeting for your specific security requirements.