Concierge Security Services

How Executive Security Services does Concierge Security Services

One of our areas of expertise in the physical security industry is the offering of “high rise” or concierge security services. What does that mean and is it something your building needs? Let’s get into the details and see if this is an area we can serve you.

The Role of Concierge Security Services

High rise, reception, or concierge services are important in both residential and commercial buildings and offer a unique mix of services, both security and customer service. In most cases, this is a posted guard that is either at a front desk, a door or a gate house.

For the commercial side of our concierge services, our professionals are also trained to be professional and knowledgeable about your company. If you work in a high tech or financial environment, you might be concerned with managing access for visitors or employees or even physical security of certain goods.

Our security professionals can perform front desk services like being sure to greet all tenants and visitors, perform foot patrols of the inside and outside of the building, and observe or report any suspicious activity or persons. Our security team members also answer front desk phones, receive packages or deliveries, and can blend into your office setting or stand out depending on your needs. Need us in a uniform or a polo? We are happy to accommodate your goals.

Adding Concierge Security Services to your Office or Building

Before posting a team member at your front desk, we do our research about you and your needs. We work with you to determine your level of security and a strong security plan. Executive Security Services will do an operational assessment of your building to be able to make recommendations and gauge the level of service you may need. We also collaborate with you to develop procedures and concierge duties that are in line with your security goals or plan and your internal policies. Through this process, we can learn about your building and also know how to respond correctly to any alarms or emergencies.

Security Services in Residential or Group Homes

We also provide these same services in residential settings. Residents expect to feel safe in their homes, or they wouldn’t choose to live there! Having a physical security presence, as well as a hybrid customer service resource, provides a service and peace of mind to your residents. Many see the presence of security as a big bonus when choosing a place to live, and it may give you a competitive edge in your area.

Our security team members also develop strong relationships with local police and know at what point to get them involved in order to prevent any criminal activity. Prevent break-ins, theft or vandalism before it’s too late by posting a security professional at your building.

Benefits to Adding Concierge Security Services

There are numerous benefits to having a concierge security service at your commercial or residential building, including:

  • Enhanced physical security
  • Monitoring access to the building
  • Surveillance and real-time response to threats
  • Increased property value
  • Increased perceived professionalism
  • Improved resident experience
  • Personalized services, package handling, and guest management
  • Building a sense of community and trust among residents
  • Efficient and fast response in emergency situations
  • The peace of mind knowing that there's always someone watching out

Security Qualifications to Look for When Hiring External Security Services

  • Well-trained personnel
  • Able and willing to work with your technology (CCTV, access control systems)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Responsive team members
  • Familiarity with the building, the area, the residents
  • Emergency preparedness and response plans
  • Continual training and updates to match the evolving threat landscape

Having a concierge security service really means you are offering an important holistic service to your residents or employees. Are you offering these services? Have you ever asked your employees or residents if they would prefer these services?

Contact Executive Security Services and ask about providing concierge services today. We would be happy to come out and tour your facility and get you a quote for services.