Risk Management

Effectively managing workplace threats

For organizations wishing to minimize exposure and liability

Our Risk Management services cover:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Robbery Deterrence
  • Risk Consulting
  • Corporate Protection
  • Employee Terminations
  • Labor Disputes

Executive Security Services works with organizations to develop and maintain a strategic approach to managing risk and minimizing exposure. Workplace Violence, Coercion and Harassment against employees and corporations have increased significantly in the last decade. Violence in the workplace is not something any organization can afford to have happen. We specialize in the field of managing threats to persons or property, and have worked with corporations both public and private dealing with situations involving politically motivated threats, terminated employees, estranged spouses and potentially dangerous persons suffering from mental illness. Our staff of highly trained and experienced law enforcement officers have extensive knowledge in safely handling these potentially volatile situations, and are committed to protecting your organization.

Robbery is a threat that must constantly be evaluated due to the potential for loss and personal injury. With strategic countermeasures in place, most robbery situations can be prevented. Those that do occur can be effectively managed by advanced planning to ensure the safety of employees, customers and law enforcement as well as minimizing loss and maximizing the apprehension and conviction of offenders.

Executive Security Services also specializes in Corporate Protection and Risk Consulting. Preparation and response to threats are critical to managing risk and liability. Taking realistic action can help prevent such incidents from occurring, and create a safer, more productive organization for you and your employees. When properly applied, a risk evaluation can enhance security measures and allow an organization to apply risk management resources in a cost effective manner.