Reception & Concierge Services

Safe and secure building environments

For high-rise residential communities and office buildings

Our Reception and Concierge Services are uniquely tailored for high-rise residential communities and office buildings. We provide traditional reception services such as managing visitor access and answering front desk phones, and we can also go beyond these duties to provide a comprehensive concierge solution.

Prior to commencing front desk security services, we will perform an operational assessment for your building. We will work with you to develop procedures and concierge duties that are in line with your security plan and internal policies. This will allow our concierge to learn about your building and respond appropriately to alarms, security incidents and emergencies.

Your residents and tenants expect to feel safe and secure in their home or workplace. Our concierge will greet all residents and tenants, perform foot patrols of interior and exterior areas, and observe and report any suspicious activity or persons.

Our top priority is to help maintain a safe and secure environment for the residents and tenants of your building. Our concierge professionals are trained to:

  • Deliver professional, friendly customer service
  • Provide individualized attention to detail
  • Develop and execute trusted security policies and procedures
  • Foster relationships with local police

We understand that each residential or office building is a unique environment, and that’s why we will work closely with your management team to customize a security concierge program that goes beyond the traditional security post and enhances the safety and professionalism of your property.

For more information on how Executive Security Services can enhance security and concierge services for your building or community, please contact us to see how we can help.