Patrol Services

Providing a dedicated security presence

For locations requiring additional resources

Police cannot be everywhere, all the time. Now more than ever, law enforcement agencies are responding to high priority calls, and response times are growing. This means law enforcement focuses less on providing a deterrent to crime at your location. This is where a private security patrol service can enhance safety and security by providing targeted deterrence patrols of residential and commercial property.

Executive Security Services offers a 24-hour security patrol service. Each patrol account has different needs and requirements, so we customize our patrols to fit your needs. Our Patrol Service Officers provide visibility, deterrence, observation and documentation.

By conducting random patrols of our clients’ properties, we provide a security presence at a more cost effective option than having a permanent on-site officer. Random patrols are ideal for apartment complexes, businesses, retail centers and school buildings that don’t necessarily require a full time on-site security presence.

Patrol services can also be provided at specified times and dedicated to a specific site. This can be a more desirable option for clients who may be experiencing a high volume of criminal activity or potential threats. We will work with you to customize a comprehensive security plan to address all of your security needs at a particular location.

Our patrol officers conduct inspections of our clients’ properties by vehicle and on foot to ensure doors are locked, premises are secure, and no unauthorized persons are on site. Irregularities are documented and sent by email to our clients using our company reporting templates.

We can also provide a security officer to be at your site at a specific time to provide an escort to your employees should you feel the environment is unsafe. The officer will provide a security presence while employees move to and from their vehicles, bus stops, etc., providing a visible deterrent to criminal activity.

In addition to being state certified, our patrol officers undergo additional in-house training conducted by law enforcement officers. This specialized training is specific to safety, patrol procedures and alarm response. Our patrol officers are selected based on their experience, and you can rest assured that all of our patrol officers will have the training, knowledge, experience and professionalism to effectively and safely carry out their duties while patrolling your property. Contact us today to find out more about our patrol services.