Jewelry Escorts

Securely transported merchandise

For the secure movement of valuable assets

Targeted robberies of fine jewelry are increasingly on the rise in the United States, and it is proven that when valuable merchandise is transported by security or salespersons are accompanied by security, the chances of a robbery occurring are almost zero.

Executive Security Services specializes in Secure Transport of valuable assets. We provide armed Jewelry Escorts and Transportation to several retail jewelry companies, and to date have successfully completed over 20,000 jewelry escorts throughout the United States without incident. We are a member of the Jewelers Security Alliance and have worked with several jewelry companies throughout the United States and Canada providing effective robbery deterrence and risk management.

Our Jewelry Escort Division is staffed with over 500 security and law enforcement officers nationwide, and all have several years of experience safely escorting and transporting jewelry. Our national network of officers allows us to provide personal protection to traveling jewelry salespersons with their merchandise as well as securely transport merchandise or cargo from one location to another in all 50 states.

We attribute the success of our Jewelry Escort Division to our well-qualified law enforcement team who work diligently to ensure every escort or transport is handled safely and discretely.

Executive Security Services is committed to providing the highest quality professional personnel to ensure your valuable assets reach their destination without threat of loss or harm.