Top 5 Winter Security Considerations

Winter weather brings challenges to security services. There’s more weather events to anticipate and prepare for, and security guards must be prepared to patrol on foot in ice, rain and snow. Statistics also show that crimes against property go up in the winter, while crimes against people are more commonly committed in the summer months.

There are also less daylight hours as daylight savings time has ended, making it even darker at the end of the work day. With hats and coats to cover up, some may feel that it’s easier to commit theft in high-end retail situations, or even theft from office buildings, when there are more outer layers to conceal items.

Be aware that inclement weather affects everyone and that while we pay close attention to the weather forecast, we will still do everything in our power to ensure you have security coverage. But understand that it is Portland (or Seattle) and we aren't used to much snow, so most things completely shut down and things come to a halt. We advise to follow any guidance or instructions from local authorities, and make sure you're prepared for winter with the following considerations:

Top 5 Winter Physical Security Considerations

  1. Make sure the coverage you need is updated to match the times of the day your assets are most vulnerable, or your employees feel at risk. Consider early morning or late afternoon hours, since there is less daylight in the winter.

  2. Less daylight is an obvious by product of the winter months, but it's important to address seasonal visibility concerns by installing adequate lighting for not only all entrances and exits, but also on the perimeter of the property.

  3. Make sure that all of your cameras are operational and that anything exposed to severe weather is protected and operational. Consider adding an access control system that is controllable remotely, in the event that roads are closed.

  4. Make a note of any winter weather precautions you want employees to be aware of and work with us to address them if necessary (such as helping to ice down a main entrance walkway, or putting down an extra floor mat to avoid slick lobby floors).

  5. Make sure any emergency response processes are up to date that employees and security guards know where to review and reference them. It’s important to plan in the event of winter weather or power outages. Not only that, but on-site issues such as frozen pipes or iced up entries and exits could be addressed easily by having a protocol to follow.

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