Why Working With Executive Security Is Different

Come Work With Us: Working with Executive Security Services as An Employee

Executive Security Services is urgently hiring for several positions! We have a great company and work environment and it’s a great time to start your career with us.

About Executive Security Services

We are a premier security company founded in 2004 and based in the Pacific Northwest. With over 200 employees in multiple states, we are rapidly growing and very excited to meet individuals interested in a career in physical security. Are you looking for a work environment that will value and respect you? Valuing our employees is a core component of our team atmosphere.

Our Culture is Based on Communication

Communication is the keystone in the foundation of our company culture, and is what makes us different from other security companies. Open communication is very important to us and encouraged at Executive Security Solutions. We encourage communication between our clients and management, as well as between our employees at every level. We welcome questions, comments, and new ideas about how we can all work better together.

Our Structure is Proof of Our Support

We have more managers and supervisors than other companies our size. This enables us to provide better support not only to our guards but to each of our management staff and reduce burnout due to the multiple layers of management and supervision. Our Account Managers are very engaged with the sites and personnel they manage and are available as a resource for them. We also have a dedicated Human Resources Manager who is available for questions and support, something that is unusual for other companies like us.

Growth Opportunities Are Here

At Executive Security, we have a 'Promote From Within" program, as well as other performance based recognition programs such as Officer of the Month and Officer of the Year (along with gift cards to honor those recipients!) If you are interested in training, growing into a supervision role or advancing your career, we are interested in helping you achieve your goals.

As an employee at Executive Security Services, you are not just a number or a name on a page, you are part of a team and we treat you that way! From the compensation and benefits we offer to the opportunities available here, our goal is that you feel you are seen and respected. It may sound cliche, but at Executive Security Services, we truly value our employees. The fact that we have a lower turnover rate than other security companies shows that our employees are happy to work with us!

Follow Your Interest

A huge benefit in becoming a part of the Executive Security Services team is access to the variety of industries we work in. If you have a desire to work in a particular area of security, or a specific industry, we want to know about it.

From executive security, industrial or manufacturing facilities, to concierge services at high tech firms, if you have the interest, you can do it at Executive Security Services. Read more about the industries we serve and how we work with clients.

How to Apply to Executive Security Services:

Apply today to work with us and see where your career in security can take you. For more information about career opportunities with Executive Security, fill out our security application form or search our job listings on Indeed.com.