Property Management Security Services

Law enforcement agencies have their hands full these days, responding to high-priority calls, and sometimes, response times can be longer than we'd like. As a result, their ability to provide a constant presence as a deterrent to crime at your location may be limited. That's where the value of a private security patrol service truly shines, especially for property management clients.

Security Patrol Services

At Executive Security Services, we offer a 24-hour security patrol service that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Every patrol account is unique, and we pride ourselves on customizing our patrols to fit your requirements precisely. Our highly trained Patrol Service Officers excel in providing visibility, deterrence, observation, and thorough documentation of their activities.

Random Patrols Mean Better Outcomes

Through random patrols of our clients' properties, we ensure a cost-effective security presence without the need for a permanent on-site officer. This approach is particularly well-suited for locations like apartment complexes, businesses, retail centers, and school buildings where round-the-clock security may not be necessary.

Don’t Overlook Collaboration With Tenants

For clients facing heightened security concerns or ongoing threats, we offer dedicated patrol services at specified times. This option allows us to focus exclusively on a particular site and address specific security needs effectively. We also encourage you to ask your tenants to know where the threats they see are, as they are most likely there the most, and should be used as an important collaborator.

On Foot And By Car, As Well As Escort Service

Our patrol officers conduct both vehicular and foot inspections of your property. They ensure that doors are locked, premises are secure, and no unauthorized individuals are on-site. Any irregularities or incidents are meticulously documented and promptly shared with you using our standardized reporting templates.

Moreover, if your employees ever find themselves in situations where safety is a concern, our security officers can be on-site at designated times to provide escorts. Whether it's walking employees to their vehicles or bus stops, our officers serve as a visible deterrent to potential criminal activity, ensuring your team's safety.

Superior Training And Experience

Our patrol officers aren't just state-certified; they also receive additional specialized training conducted by law enforcement officers. This training focuses on safety, patrol procedures, and alarm response, making sure our officers are well-equipped to handle any situation while patrolling your property. We carefully select our patrol officers based on their experience, ensuring they possess the knowledge, training, experience, and professionalism needed to carry out their duties effectively and safely.

When you choose Executive Security Services for your patrol needs, you're investing in proactive security measures that enhance safety and provide peace of mind. If you'd like to learn more about our patrol services or discuss how we can tailor a comprehensive security plan to meet your specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us today. Your safety and security are our top priorities!