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Exciting Career Opportunities Await at Executive Security Services

We're actively seeking out individuals interested in physical security positions! At Executive Security Services, you're not just starting a job; you're signing up for a rewarding career. With a thriving work environment, now is the perfect time to become part of our growing team.

Founded in 2004 and rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Executive Security Services has grown into a leading security company. With a team of over 200 professionals across multiple states, we're on an exciting growth trajectory and eager to welcome individuals passionate about a career in physical security. We believe in treating each team member with respect and value, making us more than just a workplace.

A Culture Centered on Open Communication

What sets us apart is our commitment to communication. At Executive Security Services, open and honest communication is encouraged at all levels – from client interactions to internal team dialogues. We foster an environment where questions, feedback, and innovative ideas are always welcome. We believe this facilitates a collaborative work atmosphere and delivers better client results.

Supportive Structure for Employee Growth

Our organizational structure, with more managers and supervisors per employee than similar-sized firms, is designed to provide unparalleled support. This setup reduces burnout and ensures that each team member, from guards to management staff, has the resources they need to succeed. Our engaged Account Managers and dedicated Human Resources Manager are always available to offer guidance and support – a rare advantage in our industry.

Endless Opportunities for Advancement

At Executive Security Services, career growth isn't just a possibility; it's a priority. Our 'Promote From Within' program and various performance-based recognition awards, including Officer of the Month and Officer of the Year, celebrate and encourage your professional development. Whether you aspire to move into a supervisory role or further your security career, we support your ambitions.

More Than Just a Job – A Team You Belong To

Working with us means being part of an organization that values you and rewards your achievements! We strive to make every team member feel recognized and respected, and we have employee recognition and reward programs that show it. Our lower turnover rate compared to other security firms speaks volumes about the positive and fulfilling work environment we provide.

Here’s what one of our employees said about their experience:

Fun work place, great management communicaiton

I have positive things to share about my experience. The company fostered a collaborative and supportive work environment, encouraging professional growth. The team was dedicated and management demonstrated effective leadership, creating a positive atmosphere. Overall, my time there was rewarding, and I appreciate the opportunities for development provided by the company.

-Former Armed Security Guard at ESSI

Souce: Indeed

Diverse Opportunities in Various Industries

One of the most exciting aspects of joining Executive Security Services is the diverse range of industries we serve. Whether you're drawn to industrial settings or are interested in a more hybrid position like concierge services, we have opportunities that cater to your interests. Explore the various sectors we work in and find your niche with us.

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Ready to explore where a career in security can take you? Apply today and join the Executive Security Services team. For more information about our career opportunities, please fill out our security application form or browse our job listings on Join us and be part of a company that values and nurtures your professional growth!