Industrial Security Services

Industrial and manufacturing businesses, do you have a security plan in place? You invest millions of dollars in your equipment and materials; don’t rush past putting a proper physical security plan in place to keep it safe.

Physical security for an industrial business is crucial to protect assets, prevent unauthorized access, ensure the safety of employees, and safeguard sensitive information. These needs vary depending on the industry's nature, the facility's size, and the specific risks involved.

Here are some ways Executive Security works with industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Stationed Guards

A stationed guard could be placed in a guard shack or at a facility 24/7 or specified hours. Stationed guards are a huge deterrent to potential threats of vandalism or theft. Guards can support and implement electronic access control, manage visitors, contractors, and vendors accessing your facility, and ensure visitors check in and wear badges.

Patrol Guards

Guards can also patrol and monitor your grounds and respond to any incidents regarding crimes and on-site emergencies or accidents. Having checkpoints, perimeter surveillance, or monitoring security systems in place are ways that guards can keep your facility and employees safe. Checkpoints that cover critical areas, like entrances and exits, storage areas, and production lines, are a great start to a more secure work environment.

At Executive Security Services, we offer a 24-hour security patrol service that we can tailor to meet your needs. Every patrol account is unique, and we can be flexible and customize our patrols to fit your requirements. Our highly trained Patrol Service Officers excel in providing visibility, deterrence, observation, and thorough documentation of their activities.

Alarms and Lighting

Even with physical security, we don’t recommend letting required Fire alarms and smoke detectors go unattended. Check your emergency alarms (especially in remote areas) before and after bad weather conditions. Properly working alarms and emergency systems will help your security guards and employees respond quickly to fire emergencies.

Another preventative measure Executive Security recommends looking at is proper lighting. Make sure that lighting inside and outside your facility is adequate. This includes parking lots, walkways, and all perimeter fences around the facility.

Emergency Situations

Executive Security is the partner you need in an emergency. With our experience and collaboration with local law enforcement, we know when and how to respond to emergencies. With guards and alarms, you can prevent a lot of incidents!

Executive Security Services can help you develop and maintain an emergency response plan for various scenarios like fire, chemical spills, or other industrial accidents.

Security in Storage Areas

If industrial facilities seem remote, storage at these facilities is even more so. Don’t let your storage be vulnerable to threats. You’ll want to utilize a patrol guard to monitor storage areas or at least keep an eye on the cameras in those parts of your property.

Each industrial business will have specific security needs based on its operations, location, size, and the nature of the materials or processes involved. A thorough risk assessment is essential to effectively identify and address these unique requirements.

Why Executive Security Services? Training, Communication, Certification

Our patrol officers conduct inspections of our client’s properties by vehicle and on foot to ensure doors are locked, the premises are secure, and no unauthorized persons are on site. Irregularities are documented and emailed to our clients using our company reporting templates.

In addition to being state-certified, our patrol officers undergo additional in-house training conducted by law enforcement officers. This specialized training is specific to safety, patrol procedures, and alarm response. Our patrol officers are selected based on their experience, and you can rest assured that all of our patrol officers will have the training, knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to effectively and safely carry out their duties while patrolling your property. Find out more about our patrol services today.

When you choose Executive Security Services for your industrial or manufacturing physical security needs, you invest in proactive security measures that enhance safety and safeguard against future threats. You can also rest easy knowing that your most significant assets of equipment and raw materials are safe and secured.

If you'd like to learn more about our industrial and manufacturing physical security services or discuss how we can tailor a comprehensive security plan to meet your unique requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your safety and security are our top priorities!