How We Work with High-End Retail Clients

With the holidays around the corner, it’s important to be ready for the growing number of customers and foot traffic you’ll have at your retail locations. Executive Security Solutions handles loss prevention security and we know what it takes to keep your high end retail assets secure, while maintaining a joyful shopping experience for your customers.

Why Retail Security is Important

The numbers show that retail theft is increasing - that we had reported a number from 2014 of $42 billion in losses as a result of shoplifting or employee theft and now that number has grown to 94.5 billion in 2021. This loss is felt by the business owner, and it brings a sad reality to an otherwise happy time of year. Most large retailers are expected to have shrinkage and it’s a line item on their annual budget, but it could be lowered with an effective Loss Prevention program.

Executive Security team members are skilled Loss Prevention agents, with the ability to be effective at deterring theft and criminal activity either in plain clothes or uniforms. With increased customers, stock rotating in and out, and extra help being hired for the holidays, it’s no wonder crime opportunists see this time as easy money. We can offer a customized plan that takes into account your needs and peak foot traffic hours. Our security professionals are invested in our company, and loyal to our clients. This means, they have no problem speaking up when it comes to voicing their concerns about employee or customer theft, our clients are the priority!

Being a company that is based in the Pacific Northwest, we often have employees who know about the major shopping centers and are aware of “tricks” to look out for in regards to criminal behavior. It takes soft skills to know when to step in and interact with a person of interest, and when to hold back and watch. Our security team members are selected for their discretion and diplomacy and for their ability to provide exceptional customer service and function as high level loss reduction specialists.

The other thing that our security team members can help with is responding to emergency situations. We know the local law enforcement and first responders and have good relationships with them.

Benefits to Hiring Executive Security Services for Loss Prevention

  • Your employees and customers will feel safer
  • We reduce your shrinkage costs
  • Deter criminal activity
  • Protect luxury goods
  • Keep an eye on any new employees you don’t have a lot of history with
  • Loyalty to the client’s assets
  • Professional customer service
  • Local knowledge of the PNW areas and crime patterns
  • Good relationships with local law enforcement
  • Available in the event of an emergency situation
  • Uniformed or plainclothes options

Don’t let your shrinkage numbers increase this year! Contact us today to see how we can help reduce your shrinkage and loss while enhancing safety and security in your store.