How We Secure Financial Institutions

Executive Security Services can provide your financial institution, bank, or lending business with armed guards, patrol services, or assistance transporting valuable assets. We can also give you expert advice on security innovations and best practices. At Executive Security, we recommend regularly updating and improving security measures to keep pace with evolving threats. When was the last time you took a hard look at your security plan? How about your emergency response plan?

Here are some of the ways that financial institutions typically work with us. This list may help you determine your needs or give you new insights or questions to investigate further. When you are ready to talk, give us a call.

How Does Executive Security Services Work with the Financial Industry?

On-Site Guards
These guards monitor entrances and exits, oversee customer flow, and provide a visible deterrent to potential criminal activities. Executive Security Services provides on-site guards constantly present during open or peak hours.

Patrol Services
Regular patrols inside and outside the premises detect and prevent anything nefarious. Executive Security can also perform random patrols for peace of mind and to avoid looking too predictable to any watchful eyes.

Concierge Services
Executive Security Services guards can have a dual purpose, both as a security measure and as another service team member. Our Reception and Concierge Services are uniquely tailored for office buildings. We provide traditional reception services such as managing visitor access and answering front desk phones, and we can also go beyond these duties to provide a comprehensive concierge solution.

Emergency Protocols
We foster good working relationships with local Pacific Northwest law enforcement and can assist in an emergency. Executive Security Services is also skilled at helping your business and employees develop and implement emergency response protocols for robberies, fires, or natural disasters. We can share information, collaborate, report crimes, and assist in investigations. Executive Security is truly a resource!

Security Audits
Are you wondering what would happen in the event of an actual emergency or robbery? Executive Security can help with regular audits of physical security measures to help in identifying vulnerabilities. We can collaborate with you to develop improvements and solid security measures for the best possible protection.

Customized Security Plans
Based on risk assessments, Executive Security can tailor your security plan to address specific threats and compliance requirements of your particular financial institution or industry niche.

Security Training
Executive Security employees are the best! We assure our guards are trained in security best practices, handling suspicious activities, and emergency response protocol.

Let our work speak for itself

The collaboration between financial institutions and Executive Security Services is multifaceted, addressing immediate security needs and strategic long-term planning to mitigate risks in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Let Executive Security Services show you how having a security partner can help your business, bolster employees, and attract new business. Visible security in your financial organization is a sign that your customers can trust their money or investments with you. Call us to discuss any area of security you need to improve.

Contact Executive Security Services today for a quote on your security needs or to speak to an Account Manager for more information.